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Forestry Accessories

A Complete Inventory of Forestry Fire Equipment

At Mercedes Textiles, our forestry fire equipment reaches far beyond hoses and couplings. We have the tools you require, from the foot-valve to the nozzle, allowing your pump to perform at its best, no matter the circumstance.

Our line of forestry fire accessories includes everything you need to fight fires, valves, hose stranglers, hand tools, mop-up kits and more. With the right equipment, no fire will ever be out of reach.

As for hardware, our line of forestry fire accessories presents a great assortment of couplings, adapters, gaskets, brass expansion rings of any size, and much more. We also carry Hydrowick hose washers, in order to keep your equipment clean and well organized. Hydrowick root soakers and sprinklers are also part of our inventory, including test gauges, drip torches, and even several back tanks.

Some of our front-line forestry fire line accessories include:

Quality that Endorses Safety

At Mercedes Textiles we are committed not only to the design and production of innovative and efficient goods, but also to your safety. When your life is on the line – look to a brand you can trust. With years of dedication to innovation, at Mercedes Textiles, we have your back! 

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