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The Best Fire Line Accessories from Mercedes Textiles

At Mercedes Textiles, we understand that fighting any forest fire requires crucial equipment such as portable fire pumps and fire hoses.  But to be run a truly successful firefighting operation takes a variety of fire line accessories and hardware to help get the job done properly. In our latest forestry catalog, you’ll find all the fire line accessories you’ll need for handling forest and wildland fires, and you can feel good knowing that most of them are manufactured right here in our North American plant.

Fire Nozzles

All fire nozzles are not created equal. That’s why at Mercedes Textiles; we carry a wide range of fire nozzles to suit your specific needs. Nozzle materials include aluminum, plastic, and brass, and numerous models are available for varying applications. Our hose nozzles include barrel nozzles with interchangeable tips, straight stream and multi-orifice that vary the coverage, and we also manufacture mini nozzles with threads that fit on a standard garden hose. Plus, you’ll find a complete selection of foam nozzles and accessories in our catalogue and on our website. No matter what type of fire nozzle you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at Mercedes Textiles.

Even More Forestry Fire

Our complete inventory of fire line accessories provide all the end to end requirements between the pump and hose nozzle in fighting forest and wildland fires.  Most these products are designed by our R&D team and manufactured in our North American plant.

Some of the main fire line accessories that we supply and manufacture are listed below.

A Complete Inventory

Mercedes Textiles designs and manufactures some of the most well regarded and technologically advanced fire line accessories in the forest and wildland firefighting industry. We’re committed to high quality, and we utilize explore this website to see everything we have to offer.

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