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Fire Hose & Couplings:
Highwater Hose

Highwater Hose

Designed for high volume water supply where excellent friction loss, packability and cold temperature flexibility are critical.
Flashflood 500
Lightweight 3rd generation layflat oil resistant rubber fire hose for industrial fire protection.
FLD Forestry
A rubber covered, layflat hose for forestry fire fighting where small size, heat resistance and low weight are an asset.
Highwater BB
Designed as a flexible multipurpose hose for those ‘Big Bore’ applications where maximum water volume is essential
Hydratak 600
Designed as a flexible, primary attack, rubber fire hose for municipal firefighting.
Designed for aggressive interior attack where  excellent abrasion and cut resistance are essential.
X-Stream® Plus
Designed for aggressive interior attack where excellent abrasion and cut resistance are essential and where color coded attack lines are crucial.
Designed for high pressure and high flows on the attack side of the pumper.

Endeavouring to extend our repertoire of firefighting equipment, 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of our sister company Highwater Hose Inc. Working hand in hand, we are able to offer our dedicated firefighting professionals a wide range of lightweight, rubber coated, lay-flat hoses that require virtually no maintenance.

Constructed to fight fire in any environment, Highwater Hose offers several lines of rubber hoses catered to your Municipal, Industrial and Forestry firefighting needs.

A Rubber Hose like No other

Highwater rubber covered hose products are fabricated using superior quality synthetic yarns and covered with specially blended nitrile rubber, resulting in a hose capable of showing exceptional strength and resistance within any hazardous environment. A Highwater hose demonstrates superior resistance to cuts and abrasion, high heat and has the ability to remain flexible in low temperatures down to-35º F (-36º C).

Not only are Highwater hoses tough, they are also designed to save you time and energy, requiring only a simple wipe-down before being returned to service. Prolonged drying times, mold, mildew and other airborne organisms are eliminated with a rubber hose from Highwater Hose.

A few of our innovative Highwater rubber hoses include:

·         Deluge

·         Flashflood 500

·         FLD Forestry

·         Highwater BB

·         Hydratak 600

·         X-Stream®

·         X-Stream® Plus

·         IntrepidXP®

For full product descriptions, we invite you to visit Highwater Hose Inc. website or download our Hose Products catalog.

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