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Cabinet Fire Hose

All synthetic, rack and reel fire hose for interior use

Standpipe systems and fire hoses supply vital fire protection to a building and residents there-in. In the case of an emergency, a high-quality cabinet hose and its accessories are a must. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 25 and NFPA 1962 oversee the examination of on-site fire hoses and standpipes, setting forth strict standards and maintenance guidelines that we at Mercedes Textiles Limited take very seriously.

Although designed singularly for interior use, our high quality standards still remain constant. Our cabinet hoses are strong, lightweight and compact, and are suitable for most hose storage devices. They also include our unique Mertex® lining and meet or exceed all performance requirements of NFPA 1961, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Factory Mutual (FM).

Polyflex® – A Cabinet Hose for Enforced Safety

Our PolyFlex® cabinet hose is a fully synthetic fire hose, resistant to most petrol products, harsh chemicals, ozone and U.V exposure, hydrolysis as well as rot and mildew. Polyflex® also has the capacity to remain flexible in temperatures down to -65º F (-55º C), without mentioning that it is Factory Mutual and UL approved and may be FM and/or UL labeled according to your needs.

Look no further for the perfect addition to enhance your building’s safety!

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