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Product Specs & Information, Direct From the Manufacturer

Not sure which fire hose is the best to suit your needs? Need specs or more information on a particular fire hose or coupling? Browse through our complete set of product sheets and catalogues below. Direct from the fire hose manufacturer, these catalogues and product sheets contain the information you need to choose the perfect equipment. From snowmaking hoses, couplings, to all types of fire hoses and our truly innovative lightweight fire pumps; you’ll find all the information you need here.

Make an Informed Purchase

Choosing the best fire hose, fire pumps or firefighting accessories is a big deal. Finding a fire hose manufacturer who knows the industry and develops innovative products is priceless. For municipalities and forestry firefighters it’s even more important. Purchasing firefighting equipment is a major investment. Safety and performance are on the line, and time and money go into researching and comparing the different products available today. ; Everything you need to make a confident and informed choice is in one convenient place.

Don’t Miss our Fire Pump Manufacturer Videos

If you’d like to learn more about our products (our high pressure fire pumps for example). There you can watch our detailed how-to instructions and set-up videos for specific high-pressure fire pumps, or check out the competitive features and benefits they offer. You can also watch our KrakenExo® fire hose video, the Mertex Wayout® coupling video; as well as several excellent videos about home and cottage fire protection!

Municipal Fire Hose

Forestry Fire Hose

Industrial Fire Hose

Cabinet Fire Hose

Snow Making Hose

Highwater Hose


Portable Fire Pumps


Fire Pump Accessories


Fire Pump Accessories

Ball Valves - Gated Wyes

Forestry Accessories

Features & Benefits Videos

KrakenExo Fire Hose

 Wayout Coupling


Portable Fire Pump Wick 80-4H


 Wickman 100-4h


 Wickman 100-4h







 Wick 375

Wick SI 300

Wick SI 300






Wick FT200 Floating pump

ATV Slip-on


Pick-up Slip-on

Value Protection


Wick XP Series


Pump Setup Instruction Videos

 Wick 80-4H

 Wickman 100G

 Wick 250

Wick SI 250 7S




Wick SI 300


Wick FT200 Floating pump


 Wick 375


Wick FT200 Floating pump

Wick SI 300

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