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Introducing the WICK UltraFloTM – high power combination attack pump ideal for urban interface operations

Mercedes Textiles Ltd. has announced the launch of their latest pump innovation – the WICK UltraFloTM. This combination high volume / high pressure pump offers firefighters versatility in attack and transfer operations, including dual-line attack, for urban interface and wildland services.

Pump more water with more power. Featuring an all-new innovative 2-stage pump end, WICK UltraFloTM delivers 2x more volume at higher pressures than a standard 2-stage.

“At Mercedes Textiles, we are always innovating to fill a need,” says Bob Richardson, President. “We received an enquiry for a pump that would flow over 300+ GPM with a shut-off greater than 210 PSI. Coincidentally, our R&D team had started down a similar path and were excited to accelerate the project. The team used all the modern tools to improve the outcome, leading to the development of the WICK UltraFloTM.”

The WICK UltraFloTM delivers enough pressure and flow to power a single-line attack with an oversize 2” such as KrakenEXO SUPER IITM hose paired with a 1” smoothbore nozzle, delivering 210 GPM at 50 PSI. This offers structural firefighters an option for attack in remote areas with water sources readily available, such as islands, beaches, cottages, and farmland. This pump is also ideal for ground sweep and monitor use.

In wildland operations, the WICK UltraFloTM meets long distance or high elevation needs, as well as parallel or tandem pumping and remote water transfer. This pump can be built into rapid response trucks or UTV units for a powerful initial attack.

“We sought to push our pump’s performance to exceed the best on the market. In the end, we did just that – engineering a 2-stage pump that delivers up to 310 GPM and 230 PSI with the 23 HP model”, explains Duane Leonhardt, Vice President Engineering Technology at Mercedes Textiles.   

Powered by a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard (18HP or 23HP), the WICK UltraFlo™ is available in portable or vehicle-mounted configurations. Engineered with exclusive loss of prime protection, electric start and maintenance-free speed increaser to provide proven and powerful performance.

As a mid-range attack pump, the WICK UltraFloTM is a first in its class for Mercedes, extending their full line of portable pumps from the ultra-lightweight single-stage to the high power multi-stage.

See the WICK UltraFloTM in person at FDIC 2023 and learn more at

Mercedes Textiles Limited

5838 Cypihot Street,
Saint Laurent, Qc,
H4S 1Y5, Canada


For more information contact
ALLAN MACRAE at (514) 335-4337

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