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Beat the Heat: Case Study


In April 2022, Groton Fire Department (MA) abandoned their first-in KrakenEXO line prior to roof collapse and left it charged until the fire was out. Being under our 2-year All Hazards warranty, they sent it back to be replaced. We took the opportunity to test how our hose held up in the real world. Here are the results.

The updated NFPA conductive heat test and the new radiant heat test were developed to help firefighters better understand the thermal resistance characteristics of their hose and what type of performance they can expect once the hose is compromised.

This two-step test – which measures both time to loss of pressure "failure" and GPM loss to show type of "failure" – were designed to add one more piece of information to consider when designing & purchasing an attack package along side things like friction loss, packability, charged weight, ID, etc. It is left up to the end user to decide if thermal resistance and performance is important to them in an attack hose, and if so, how much. It should be noted that this test is NOT pass/fail. You can find our KrakenEXO results here

For more information about the testing process, how to interpret the results and the project’s backstory, checkout the 2020 Ed. of NFPA 1961 Appendix A: A5.5.1.2(1) & A5.5.1.2(2), and UL 19: Chapters 37 & 38 and Appendix C. Both are FREE to view on their respective websites. Or better yet, reach out to a NFPA 1961 Technical Committee Member or your favorite fire hose manufacturer.

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