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Letter from the president


October 19, 2020

In these challenging times, we are reaching out to keep everyone informed of our continued

ability to provide our complete product line of fire-fighting equipment, technical support

and customer service. All three of our plants are up and running and are supplying products

to our world-wide distribution network and end customers.


As a Government deemed essential service provider, we are committed to being your

reliable resource for the innovative products on which you depend in fulfilling your role in

protecting property and saving lives. In the 6 months since Government imposed work

restrictions due to Covid-19, our delivery dates became very stretched. Our scheduled

deliveries are still longer than we would like. With continued record months of order

bookings, we have also had record months of order shipments. We are steadily growing our

capacity and are shrinking our future scheduled delivery dates as we continue forward.


Our commitment to maintain the healthiest and safest work environment possible remains

our number one priority. From reworking the structural layout of the entire organization for

social distancing, remote working, mandatory wearing of masks, daily housekeeping and

sanitization routines, and preventive measures including temperature checks and declaration

statements, we might take a little longer to get your order to you, but we want you to have

the comfort of knowing that nothing is being compromised.


To our valued business partners and customers, thank you for your continued loyalty and

patience. Along with our commitment to you, we will never lose our “True North” on what is

important - our families, our friends and our neighbors. We are working around the clock,

seven days a week, to keep on top of production. There is no challenge we cannot

overcome and together we will emerge even stronger than before.


As usual, I encourage you to reach out to your Regional Salesperson or contact me directly

for continued global assistance. We are here, we are ALL in this together, and we are



Please stay healthy and safe,

Mercedes Textiles Limited

5838 Cypihot Street,
Saint Laurent, Qc,
H4S 1Y5, Canada


For more information contact
ALLAN MACRAE at (514) 335-4337

At Highwater Hose Inc. we design state of the art rubber hoses and accessories, fabricated to meet your Industrial, Municipal and Forestry fire-fighting needs.

Our hoses possess an exceptional track record for resiliency and flexibility, recognized for being lightweight and virtually maintenance free.

Call or e-mail us today! Let us get you flowing in the right direction.

Fax: 514.335.9633

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