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New Year, Same Mission


We are proud to be celebrating our 45th anniversary this year. 

That’s 45 years of engineering fire hose and pumps that outperform and outlast. Forty-five years of Innovation Delivered.

Our mission remains to engineer and manufacture the highest quality and most reliable water delivery systems to the firefighting community. We take pride in our products being tested & proven, guaranteed to exceed standards. 

We're proud to have our hose and pumps in thousands of departments around the world. To be trusted to get the job done. We are grateful for that trust and loyalty, never taking it for granted. 

Here's to a safe & successful 2023 – KEEP PUSHING FORWARD!




At Mercedes Textiles Limited we understand that you, our customer, is the most important person in our world!

We strive to keep you up to-date with all the opportunities and complications we are encountering as well as give you accurate information on lead times, order status and expected ship dates. With all the supply chain issues we have encountered over the past 18 months, however, we have not always been able to do as good a job as we would like. For that, we apologize and commit to doing better in 2023.

Even with all these challenges our staff have done a great job in 2022, allowing us to reach another record shipping and sales year for calendar 2022!

With the supply chain improving slightly recently, we will continue to add and train additional production positions at all three plants. The labor market remains tight in North America, so it will take time to recruit the required personnel, but we anticipate bringing our lead times down to more normal levels during 2023. We will keep you up to-date with our progress.

We thank you, our partners and customers, for making all this possible. If you have any further questions or comments on how we can do better, please feel free to contact me or any of our Mercedes Team.

We are committed to making 2023 another great year for you and to continue to engineer innovative products!

Yours in service,

Bob Richardson

Mercedes Textiles Limited

5838 Cypihot Street,
Saint Laurent, Qc,
H4S 1Y5, Canada


For more information contact
ALLAN MACRAE at (514) 335-4337

At Highwater Hose Inc. we design state of the art rubber hoses and accessories, fabricated to meet your Industrial, Municipal and Forestry fire-fighting needs.

Our hoses possess an exceptional track record for resiliency and flexibility, recognized for being lightweight and virtually maintenance free.

Call or e-mail us today! Let us get you flowing in the right direction.

Fax: 514.335.9633

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