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Maintenance: Components

PicturePart noDescriptionQty
79T-1207Puller Suction Cover (Old number 79T-1338)
70MEPATCHHose Patches only, package of 20 beveled patches
79T-1208Distributor Pressing Tool
79T-1313Shaft Protector
79T-1963Seal Installation Tool
79T-1964Impeller/Distributor Removal Tool
79T-1965Shaft Fitting Base
79T-1966Body Support Base
79T-1967Shaft Removal Pin
Calibrated nozzles70MECN-1355Calibrated Nozzle 1/8” diameter
Calibrated nozzles70MECN-1357Calibrated Nozzle 1/4” diameter
Calibrated nozzles70MECN-1358Calibrated Nozzle 5/16” diameter
Calibrated nozzles70MECN-1359Calibrated Nozzle 3/8” diameter
Calibrated nozzles70MECN-1360Calibrated Nozzle 7/16” diameter
79T-2706Seal removal tool
79T-2709Bearing press removal tool
70METBOX Tool Box70METBOXTool Box
78T-B1933 Grease Gun78T-B1933Grease Gun - Push Type
78T-PCH678T-PCH6Tool Pouch for maintenance kit
78T-SPKW-1316Spark Plug Wrench 13/16" - 1" (Wick 250 and Wick 375)
79W-1665PShaft Nut Wrench
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