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Fire Pumps

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Fire Pumps for All Applications

At Mercedes Textiles, we’re 100% dedicated to providing highly innovative, extremely safe and efficient firefighting equipment. This driving ethic extends to every single one of the portable fire pumps and fire pump accessories we carry. Our fire pumps and accessories, as well as all of the products we sell, are built from durable, rugged materials to exact specifications to ensure that they’ll perform in all types of wild land firefighting applications.

Superior Portable Fire Pumps

Our Wick® fire pumps are designed for longevity in all types of wild land fire situations, and they’re priced to fit into any budget. We carry a variety of Wick® pumps in several different weight classes and performance levels to meet all of your firefighting needs.

Wide Selection of Portable Fire Pump Accessories

You’ll find suction hose in various lengths, construction types and pressure ratings. For instance, our Draftlite® suction hoses are exceptionally lightweight and utilize the Mertex® lining process for minimal friction loss. Or, our HP Wire Reinforced suction hoses offer impressive durability and excellent crush resistance.

You’ll also find a number of valves, couplings, and adapters. Maybe your equipment requires female-to-male, male-to-female adapters, quick connect feature with our patented Merlug® lug or a thread change. Perhaps you’re in need of long shank or Storz couplings for your suction hose, or maybe you’re looking for valves to better control your water flow. No matter what it is you need, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for. Because we understand that firefighting equipment comes in all sizes, we have adapters ranging from ¾ to 6 inches (19mm to 152mm) in diameter.

Innovation by Mercedes Textiles

We invite you to browse through our wide ranging fire pumps or look through our Forestry Products Catalog and see why Mercedes Textiles is the leader in innovative firefighting products. Whether you’re looking for a fire pump with specific features or corresponding accessories, you’ll find exactly what you need at a competitive price.


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