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Highwater Hose: Deluge

Deluge Fire Hose

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Designed for high volume water supply where excellent friction loss, packability and cold temperature flexibility are critical.

“LDH”supply hose
Supplying stand pipe systems
Supply stand alone portable hydrants
Pumper to pumper relay

Features and Benefits
Large diameter rubber layflat supply hose
When specified, available with Hydowick Storz couplings with “Lock Protector”technology, in sizes 4” & 5” (102 & 127 mm)
Available with Hydrowick Gold Anodized Storz™ couplings with the iReflect™ lock levers and “Lock Protector” technology in sizes 4” & 5” (102 mm & 127 mm). 
These couplings also feature the Identify™ recessed area for color coding, bar coding and/or identification markings
Various threaded and other lightweight Storz couplings available
Remains flexible to -35º F (-36º C)
Meets UL requirements and can be labeled upon request in sizes 4” & 5” (102 & 127 mm)
Carries a Five (5) Year Warranty
With iReflect™ technology couplings, Deluge™ carries a 2-10-L warranty (“2 year All Hazards”,  “10 year against manufacturing defects” and “Lifetime against delamination”)
Available colors: 4” (102mm) red and yellow; 5” (127mm)  orange, red, blue and yellow; 6” (152mm) orange

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